We'll be hosting a large-ish Thanksgiving dinner at Graham St. this year. If you're in Pittsburgh and would like to join us, please consider yourself invited (and let me know if you'll be coming).

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Played hooky this morning to go to a big farm stand/garden shop. It felt like Idlewild and other places I grew up around. Sadly, the strawberry crop was small this year, so the advertised pick-your-own wasn't happening, but there were strawberries and ice cream on waffles, a petting zoo, and friends to convince me that it was the right opportunity to start a windowsill herb garden.

Hey San Francisco People

On my departure from Seattle, I'll be in your wonderful city from the afternoon of Saturday, July 4 through the afternoon of Wednesday, July 8.  I don't have anything solid on my dance card yet, and so am actively seeking suggestions (and a sense of who'll be around so I can make sure to see everyone :-) )

Hey Seattle People

I will be attending a conference  in your fine city from June 28 to July 1, and then staying through the morning of July 4. I know I'll be seeing some of you at the VNV concert, but there should be more adventures (or oven-chars, as is your preference).  lakmiseiru  and I are getting tickets for the Friday, July 3 8pm Underground/Underworld tour (the uncensored version of the tour, You should join us.

Other adventuring suggestions are highly encouraged.



I'm giving a seminar talk (with cookies!) on Wednesday at 4:30 in NSH 1507.  It's on my thesis research, which offers a new perspective on how locomotion works and points out that coordinate choice really does matter. I'm shooting for the main flow of the talk to be understandable at a basic (engineering) vector calculus level, with bonus insights if you've seen some differential geometry.